Pain during sex sucks!

Pain in the pelvis and low back can have a negative effect on your intimacy and relationship with your loved one!

Pain and tension in the back can affect both men and women.

You may have an injury or scarring from a past surgery or a difficult labor and delivery.

Have you tried other therapies but your problem persists?

There is a new therapy to treat pelvic pain!

What if you could improve your pelvic floor control? Reduce or eliminate pelvic pain? Improve your bladder control and decrease your urgency to pee?

Is there a way to get rid of pain with sex?

Are you tired of living with pain?

Causes Of Pain With Sex

Check out this video on how your back and pelvis can affect your sex life!

Injury to the pelvic ring or trauma to the supporting muscles can be the underlying cause of pain.

Did You Know...

An injury to the pelvis in the past can affect your pelvic floor function?

A lower back injury, stiffness and pain to the sacroiliac joint, affects the pelvic ring. This injury can occur from lifting and twisting, getting rear-ended in your car, and from a difficult and traumatic labor and delivery. Inflammation from the joints as well as reduced mobility to the sacroiliac joint can cause increased tension to one side of the pelvic floor. This tension presents as weakness and symptoms can vary from stress incontinence, back, hip, pelvic or lower abdominal pain, and even pain during sex!

Your core muscles are important for pelvic health!

Any pelvic or back injury and pain will inhibit your core. Poor core function creates tension in other muscle groups like your lower back, side hip muscles, and can affect the pelvic floor muscles.

A well rounded pelvic health treatment plan includes analysis of your core to get your core muscles working again.

What symptoms and signs should you look for?

Pain with penetration

There may be scarring or past trauma to the pelvic floor muscles. Tissues that have gotten stuck in an inflammatory state can be 'jump started' with Tissue Regenerative Therapy.

Pain during sex

This can be a problem with the pelvic ring and the joints that allow for movement at the pelvis. If you have had an injury to the sacroiliac joint, or tailbone area, the change in mobility causes tension and pain to the muscles and ligaments of the pelvis and lower back. This can be the reason why sex is uncomfortable or even painful.

Low back tension

Do you have localized pain to any part of the pelvis, lower back or hips? Whether this pain is constant or comes and goes this can limit you even during more comfortable positions in bed. For men, lower back facet joint injury can cause pain during sex. For women it is more commonly a sacroiliac joint problem affecting the pubic symphysis, the prominent bone/joint at the lower abdomen, and the pelvic floor.

Injury to the pelvic floor and pelvis because of a difficult labor and delivery.

A difficult labor and delivery can cause damage to your pelvic ring, injuring the sacroiliac joints and even the pubic symphysis. Pain is commonly present at our 'dimples' at our lower back and just inside this area. Another area to check is where your pubic bones meet, the pubic symphysis. Pain to these areas tell us that there is a problem and testing is recommended to determine the cause. (Video - Patient example with Pubic Symphysis Diastases. Pelvic self tests and therapist tests)

How To Test And Treat The Pelvis

In this video learn how to check your pelvis to determine what is causing your pain.

Get a 'peek' at some treatment options.

Pelvic Evaluation


For two decades Cornerstone has addressed common pelvic issues successfully through a team approach.

Why choose Cornerstone?

  • New Tissue Regenerative Therapy for the pelvic floor

  • 1000's of success stories

  • Reduce scarring and improve elasticity

  • Screening for other causes of pelvic pain

Tissue Regenerative Therapy Pelvic Floor

Improve the elasticity of your pelvic floor through Tissue Regenerative Therapy.

You can book an evaluation with one of our experienced doctors and get answers to your pelvic problems! Is TRT the right approach for your problem?

I have tried physical therapy and my problem persists!


Here are what some of our patients are saying.

After struggling with vertigo and dizziness for many years, I received a referral for Cornerstone PT. I was skeptical at first after the ENT was unable to help me. They used equipment to narrow down the cause of my dizziness and then were able to help fix the problem. My quality of life improved greatly!

David, skeptic to believer

I began treatment for vestibular therapy specific for BPPV, as well as complications with my neck. My vertigo has dissipated and my headaches have significantly decreased. I highly recommend Cornerstone which is filled with the most kind, welcoming, and knowledgeable staff.

Savannah, chronic vertigo

I was very pleased with the technology and the knowledge that the Cornerstone Team had when determining how to treat my vertigo and not just guess. As I continued my last session the vertigo had completely ceased!

Thank you, Cornerstone for giving me the opportunity to return to serve in the community.

Eric, got back his life

Pelvic pain is treatable!

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